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Colorado Credit Union

Community Shred Day

Paper ShreddingWhat should you shred?

  • Files
  • Bank Statements
  • Receipts
  •  Bills
  • Invoices
  • Canceled checks
  • Any files or documents containing personal information 

What don't you need to shred?

  • Greeting cards
  • Food/shopping receipts
*Please note that NO plastic, aluminum, cardboard, electronics, magazines, catalogs, books, or telephone books will be accepted. NO metal bigger than a staple. NO paperclips. 

What to keep and what to shred?

Here are a couple of articles from other resources to help you determine what to keep or shred. 

What happens to the shredded paper?

All shredded materials are recycled in a secure, environmentally friendly manner. 

Help save trees and the environment by going paperless today. 

Go paperless by enrolling in electronic statements today. You can sign up online, in the mobile app or in a branch. 
Other ways to help go paperless:
  • Sign up for digital baking. With our online and mobile platforms, you can save yourself time and money through accessing your accounts 24/7. 
  • Pay your bills online or in the mobile app instead of mailing a paper check