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Colorado Credit Union

Online FAQ's

Once you open an account at Colorado Credit Union you will have access to your account(s) through Online Banking immediately.  Click here for instructions on how to enroll. For questions on how to get started call 303.978.2274.
The service is FREE — Colorado Credit Union does not charge a fee for the online portion of our Digital Banking Platform. However, your internet carrier may charge you standard fees for Internet access. For more information about these fees, please contact your carrier directly.
With the Digital Banking, members can access ALL of their CCU accounts.
Once you log into your account via Online Banking, just select an “Account” tile from your main “Dashboard”.  Then, select the “Documents” button. You will then be taken to a new screen with all of your e-Statements.
All computers and devices must be registered during the setup process, and will have to go through Two-Factor Authentication during enrollment. Two-Factor Authentication is a secure method of confirming a user’s identity by using a combination of two different factors. In addition, data is encrypted between Colorado Credit Union and your device. Still, you must follow reasonable security precautions. As with any electronic banking service, you should never share your account number or password with anyone.
Change your Digital Banking password immediately via the Digital Banking App. or by calling us immediately, at 303.978.2274,  to lock your account until you are able to change your password. As always, whenever there is a possibility of unauthorized access to your account, you should monitor your account closely to ensure no unauthorized transactions appear.