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Colorado Credit Union

Mobile FAQs

The ColoradoCU Digital Banking App enables you to connect to your accounts from your mobile phone or other hand-held device. You will be able to easily access your balance information, transfer funds, or even find a branch or ATM.
You may start using the Digital Banking App, once enrolled. How to enroll instructions. For questions or how to get started call 303.978.2274.
The service is FREE — Colorado Credit Union does not charge a fee for the Digital Banking Platform. However, your mobile carrier may charge you standard fees for Internet access or text messaging. For more information about these fees, please contact your carrier directly.
With the new digital banking platform, members can access ALL of their CCU accounts through the Mobile App.
Yes. Mobile devices must be registered during the setup process, and will have to go through two-factor authentication during enrollment. Two-factor authentication is a secure method of confirming a user’s identity by using a combination of two different factors. In addition, data is encrypted between Colorado Credit Union and your device. Still, you must follow reasonable security precautions. As with any electronic banking service, you should never share your account number or password with anyone.
Change your online banking password immediately. Report the loss to your phone carrier, and ask them to disable the old phone. As always, whenever there is a possibility of unauthorized access to your account, you should monitor your account closely to ensure no unauthorized transactions appear.
Yes. First, you must enroll in Bill Pay through our Digital Banking Online. Once enrolled, you can simply log into the ColoradoCU App. and select Bill Pay. You can then view, schedule and cancel payments directly from your mobile device. 
Bill payments are divided into 2 categories – “Pay a person” and “Pay a bill”. When you select either of these quick action tiles, the payees that correspond to that payment type are displayed. To see all of your payees in one place, select “Payments” from the left side menu bar.
  • Pay a Person = an individual person
  • Pay a bill = a company (credit card, utilities, etc.)

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The Digital Banking App is offered FREE to our members. However, you may be charged access rates depending on your carrier. Web access is needed to use Digital Banking. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges.