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Colorado Credit Union

Fee Schedule

Savings Account 

Holiday Club Account Early Withdrawal 
$10.00 per withdrawal
IRA Closure/Rollover/Transfer to Other Institution
Excessive Electronic Transaction 
$5.00 per transaction (assessed on non-checking accounts when greater than 6 automatic or electronic transactions are conducted in a calendar month)
Checking Accounts

Check Printing 
Prices vary upon style
Copy of Check Fee using AnyTimeCCU
Copy of Sales Draft
$5.00 per copy
NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds Item)
$34.00 per item
Overdraft Privilege 
$34.00 per item
Overdraft Transfer (Savings to Checking) $3.00
Retrieval and Copy of Draft $5.00
Stop Payment (all items) $34.00 per request
Temporary Check  $4.00 for 8 checks (new accounts excluded)
Monthly Service Charges
Money Market $10.00 per month (assessed when balance drops below $2,500)
Premier Checking $4.00 per month (assessed when balance drops below $2,000)
Other Service Charges (applicable to all accounts)
Account Reconciliation and Research $35.00 per hour ($35 minimum)
Bad Address  $10.00 per month
Cashier's Check  $6.00 per check
Check by Phone $10.00
Check Cashing  3% with a $5 minimum (applies to members with only a share account and less than a $100 balance)
Closed Account 
$25.00 (if account closed is less than 6 months old)
Coin Processing  3% of coin total
Collection Item  $25.00
Currency Transaction  0.10% of currency processed (assessed when currency transactions exceed $5,000 per month)
Deposit Item Returned - To/From Same Member $25.00
Deposit Item Returned  $15.00
Domestic Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $20.00 per transfer
Federal Express/Next Day Air  $25.00 per delivery
Federal Express/Next Day Air Saturday Delivery $35.00 per delivery
Foreign Item Sent for Collection/Special Item $50.00 per item ($25.00 for Canadian items)
Foreign Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $40.00
Garnishment/Levy Attachment  $50.00
Inactive Account Fee (Savings Account) $5.00 per month (no activity for 12 months, balance less than $500 and account holder is over age 17)
Inactive Online Bill Payment $5.00 per month (after 3 consecutive months of no bill payments)
Interim Statement Copy $2.00 per page, free with AnyTimeCCU
Money Order $5.00
Notary  $5.00
Official Credit Union Check $6.00 per check
Overdrawn Account $5.00 per day (assessed daily when account is $5 or more overdrawn for 5 or more consecutive days)
Shared Branch Deposit  $0.20 per item (assessed when more than 15 items are presented)
Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)
Statement Copy  $5.00 per copy, free with AnyTimeCCU
Visa Gift Cards $3.50
Western Union $20.00 per transfer
Visa Card 
Cash Advance from Visa Credit Card $25.00 per advance
Late Visa Payments $30.00 per cycle (assessed when payment is over 1 day late)
Returned Item on Visa Payments $30.00
Rush Order on Visa Card $35.00
Card Services 
ATM Card (not Debit Card) Annual Charge $25.00
Empty ATM Deposit Envelope  $30.00
Replacement ATM or Debit Card $15.00
Rush Order on ATM or Debit Card $35.00
Other Service Charges
Alacriti Loan Payment via Phone $8.00
Alacriti Loan Payment via Web $4.95
Late Charge on Mortgage Loans/Lines of Credit 5% of payment (assessed when payment is over 15 days late)
Late Charge on Other Loans $15.00 (assessed when payment is over 10 days late)

Fee Schedule effective: 12/1/2018. Fees are subject to change.