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Mobile Banking is offered FREE to our members. However, you may be charged access rates depending on your carrier. Web access is needed to use Mobile Banking. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges.


Please view our step by step tutorial. We welcome you to give us a call at (303) 978-2274 for further information.

What are the general requirements to be enrolled for Mobile Deposit?

The primary member needs to be an active user of online or mobile banking.

A valid email address must be on file at CCU.

The primary member is at least 16 years old.

How do I gain access to the Mobile Deposit App?

First, you will need to enroll in our AnyTimeCCU Online Banking, if you haven’t done so already. Next, download our app, once the app has successfully been downloaded to your smart phone, you will log in using the same credentials as your AnyTimeCCU username/password.

How should I endorse my check that I want to deposit?
Write "Mobile Deposit Only" on the back of the check right above your signature/endorsement.

Will we accept foreign funds?
No, Mobile Deposit does not accept foreign funds.

What if I show my paystubs attached to a check, will CCU immediately accept it and release the funds?
No, the software will not accept images of the payroll stub.

Can I use Mobile Deposit to make a loan payment with a check from another institution?
Absolutely, funds can be deposited into your savings or checking account and then transferred to your loan.

What is the maximum daily deposit amount accepted per day?
You are permitted to submit up to $10,000.00 through Mobile Deposit per day.

How many checks can I submit per day?
While there is not a limit to the number of checks you are permitted to submit, there is a $10,000.00 limit per day.

How long does CCU hold checks for before releasing all funds to my account?
It could take 2-10 business days to release the funds. Please reference the membership agreement.

What should I do with my check after I have submitted it via Mobile Deposit?
Once your check has been successfully deposited, retain your check for 60 days. The check should then be properly shredded.

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