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The process of obtaining a loan from many of today's major banks is difficult. At Colorado Credit Union, not only do we have money to lend, you will also find the process quick and easy. We make it affordable with our flexible options. Whatever your borrowing needs, CCU offers a complete line of loan products at competitive rates which are sure to save you money. 

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Savings Account Fees  
Holiday Club Account Early Withdrawal Fee $10.00 per withdrawal
IRA Closure/Rollover/Transfer Fee to Other Institution $25.00
Excessive Electronic Transaction Fee  $5.00 per transaction (assessed on non-checking accounts
when greater than 6 automatic or electronic transactions 
are conducted in a calendar month)
Checking Account Fees  
Check Printing Fee Prices vary upon style
Copy of Check Fee using AnyTimeCCU FREE
Copy of Sales Draft $5.00 per copy
NSF Fee (Non-Sufficient Funds Item) $34.00 per item
Overdraft Privilege Fee $34.00 per item
Overdraft Transfer (Savings to Checking) $3.00
Retrieval and Copy of Draft $5.00
Stop Payment (all items) $34.00 per request
Temporary Check Fee $4.00 for 8 checks (new accounts excluded)
Monthly Service Fees  
Money Market $10.00 per month (assessed when balance drops below $2,500)
Premier Checking $4.00 per month (assessed when balance drops below $2,000)
Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)  
Account Reconciliation and Research $35.00 per hour ($35 minimum)
Bad Address Fee $10.00 per month
Cashier's Check Fee $5.00 per check
Check by Phone $10.00
Check Cashing Fee 3% with a $5 minimum (applies to members with only a   
share account and less than a $100 balance) 
Closed Account Fee  $25.00 (if account closed is less than 6 months old)
Coin Processing Fee 3% of coin total
Collection Item Fee $25.00
Currency Transaction Fee 0.10% of currency processed (assessed when currency 
transactions exceed $5,000 per month)
Deposit Item Returned - To/From Same Member $25.00
Deposit Item Returned Fee $15.00
Domestic Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $20.00 per transfer
Federal Express/Next Day Air Fee $25.00 per delivery
Federal Express/Next Day Air Saturday Delivery $35.00 per delivery
Foreign Item Sent for Collection/Special Item $50.00 per item ($25.00 for Canadian items)
Foreign Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $40.00
Garnishment/Levy Attachment Fee $50.00
Inactive Account Fee (Savings Account) $5.00 per month (no activity for 12 months, balance
less than $500 and account holder is over age 17)
Inactive Online Bill Payment $5.00 per month (after 3 consecutive months of 
no bill payments)
Interim Statement Copy $2.00 per page, free with AnyTimeCCU
Money Order $5.00
Notary Fee $5.00
Official Credit Union Check $5.00 per check
Overdrawn Fee $5.00 per day (assessed daily when account is $5
or more overdrawn for 5 or more consecutive days)
Shared Branch Deposit Fee $0.20 per item (assessed when more than 15 items
are presented)  
Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)  
Statement Copy Fee $5.00 per copy, free with AnyTimeCCU
Visa Gift Cards $3.50
Western Union $20.00 per transfer
Visa Card Services - Fees  
Cash Advance from Visa Credit Card $25.00 per advance
Late Fee on Visa Payments $30.00 per cycle (assessed when payment is over 1 day late)
Returned Item Fee on Visa Payments $30.00
Rush Order on Visa Card $35.00
Card Services - Fees  
ATM Card (not Debit Card) Annual Fee $25.00
Empty ATM Deposit Envelope Fee $30.00
Replacement ATM or Debit Card $15.00
Rush Order on ATM or Debit Card $35.00
Other Fees  
Late Charge on Mortgage Loans/Lines of Credit 5% of payment (assessed when payment is over 15 days late)
Late Charge on Other Loans $15.00 (assessed when payment is over 10 days late)


Fee Schedule effective: April 1, 2017

Fees are subject to change.



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